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7 Best WordPress Custom Fonts Plugins

There’s a wealth of great typography available online these days, and naturally WordPress users would want to put this to use on their websites. Luckily, no longer are you […]

7 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

If you’re trying to track your website’s progress, Google Analytics is an incredibly useful tool that can tell you multitudes about how visitors react to your site. It can […]

8 WordPress Restaurant Themes

If you are building a website for a Restaurant you are probably going to be looking to find an suitable template that preforms the desired functions for your website. […]

Best Portable Generator

WP Carers undertakes the WordPress maintenance for this website, which features the best portable generator brands. A primary concern for this client is that this WordPress website is regularly updated […]

Best Samsung Phone Cases Covers

WP Carers undertakes WordPress maintenance on this website, which reviews the best Samsung phone cases and other phone covers & cases.

Among the client’s chief requirements was the ability to […]

Best Portable Air Conditioner

WP Carers are responsible for the WordPress maintenance of this website, a review site carrying posts about the best portable air conditioner and other air cooling appliances. Given the […]

Best Earbuds

WP Carers complete the WordPress maintenance for this client’s website, which carries reviews of the best earbuds and other tech products. This client’s priority is to ensure that their WordPress […]

Best Electric Shavers

WP Carers have undertaken WordPress maintenance work on this website, which features reviews of a broad range of consumer tech. This post, a review of and buyers guide to, […]

Best Smartwatches

WP Carers conducts regular WordPress maintenance for this client, whose website features reviews of consumer tech products like the best smartwatches.

For the client, the most important aspect of this WordPress […]

Best Headphones

WP Carers is tasked with WordPress maintenance for this website, which publishes reviews of the best headphones and other tech products.

Given the frequent updates to this site, the client wants to […]

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