Monthly Archives: June 2016


7 Barber and Hair Salon WordPress Themes

When building a website for Hair Salons choosing a suitable theme can make all the difference in the quality of your website. There is no shortage of themes out […]

8 Best WordPress Themes for Magazines

When you are building a website for a Magazine it is important to find a professional looking template that has the features that you need. There are a number […]

7 WordPress Themes for DJs

If you are building a website for a DJ it is safe to say that there are certain feature that you may be looking for. There are a number […]

7 Best Tabs WordPress Plugins

Tabs allow you to break up your content into easy to read sections for your readers. If you have long posts that aren’t getting the traction you hoped for, […]

7 WordPress Themes for Interior Design

Today it is uncommon for an interior design company not to have some sort of online representation. If you are an interior designer and looking to build a website […]

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