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WordPress Update: 4.4.2 Security & Maintenance Release

Here at WP Carers, we keep on top of all the new developments at WordPress so we can notify our customers! Yesterday, WordPress announced the latest security and maintenance release, […]

WordPress 4.4.1: Security & Maintenance Release Announced

Here at WP Carers, we eat, live and breathe WordPress, so thought it best to update our customers on a new WordPress development! On Tuesday, WordPress announced the launch […]

7 Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a great way to make sure your readers have access to your other posts. This means that your site will get […]

7 Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress

Google AdSense is amongst the most popular ad platforms for bloggers, and a great way to make money online. Although Google have their own official AdSense for WordPress plugin, […]

5 Ways to Increase WordPress Traffic

Maybe you’ve created the most beautiful WordPress website ever and you consistently produce good content, but there’s no point to any of that hard work if you’re not pulling […]

7 Best WordPress Media Player Plugins

WordPress has its own native way to embed audio files in MP3 format and create playlists, plus you can of course embed YouTube and Vimeo videos. However, if you’re […]

7 Best WordPress Themes for Small Business and Trades

If you have a small business or trade, your website is your main means of representing your business online. Thus, it’s very important to make sure your WordPress site […]

Top 7 WordPress Workflow Plugins

Ease of use is important for all WordPress users, but when you are in charge of co-ordinating a large blog and multiple social media presences, it’s imperative to make […]

7 Best WordPress User Management Plugins

If you’re managing a multi-user WordPress website, it can be hard to keep on top of everyone who has access to your site and what they can see or […]

7 Best WordPress Search Plugins

Although the search function that comes native to WordPress is certainly not bad, there may come a time when you want more from the search bar on your WordPress […]

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