WP Carers WordPress Plans – Let us Support and Maintain your WordPress Website so you can focus on growing your business.



100Per Day
Billed per annum
Prices exclude vat


  • WordPress Engine Updates
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Transfer of Website from Old Hosting



200Per Day
Billed per annum
Prices exclude vat


  • WordPress Speed Optimisation
  • Daily WordPress Backups
  • Phone Support


400Per Day
Billed per annum
Prices exclude vat


  • Realtime Activity Tracking
  • Security Monitoring


Security Monitoring

Unfortunately hackers are out there which is just something we have to acknowledge and deal with. Our WP Carers use the best malware monitoring tools & Security Partners that identify and fix security holes so that you can relax and not worry about WordPress hacks.

Daily Database Cloud Backups

Your website is important to you and regular database backups are important to your website, This is why we do database backups to remote, encrypted servers each day. This ensures that your database will be safe.

WordPress Updates

We will install any new updates WordPress releases to your website when required to ensure your website is up to date.

Interactive Training

We can give our clients interactive WordPress Training. This empowers our clients and allows them to become less dependent on us.

Realtime Activity Tracking

Using realtime tracking means we can see when things are breaking, which allows us to quickly work to resolve any issues.

Stellar WordPress Support

Working with us you can be sure that will get very quick support that will surpass your expectations.


We are happy work with any webhost you chose however we would recommend that you use a high quality webhost. If you aren’t sure which hosts are good quality, we can examine what your specific needs are and make a recommendation based around what would be best for you.
The option to upgrade your plan is always available to you by simply contacting us and we will make the requested upgrade to your plan and billing. The option to downgrade your plan after signup is available to you after the first billing period be it after the first months payment or after the first years payment.
We do not offer refunds of the initial payment be it a monthly or a yearly payment but you can cancel your monthly plan prior to the next month starting to stop the service and billing for that month.
Every situation is different, so we try to recommend the best webhost for your individual website. This might sound like we are avoiding giving a definite answer but we do this because we try to go the extra mile and find out the specific needs of our clients and pair them with a webhost that is best suited to meet these needs.
Before we do any updates we go the extra mile to ensure compatibility, but on the off chance that an update does break your site we inform the author of the plugin or theme so they can patch the problem with their plugin or theme.
Yes! We do give discounts for those with multiple websites. We also provide site management and support for agencies and plugin/theme shops. Contact us for more details on our discounts.
Our Payment Gateway of choice is STRIPE which allows for any of the major credit cards to be accepted including Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Once you have signed up, your cards will be charged automatically each month until the time comes that you wish to cancel or upgrade your plan.
No. Our clients have the freedom to cancel their plan at any time after the first billing period be it after the first month or the first year. We believe that we should earn your business each month & year. Of course we would prefer if you wouldn’t cancel but if at any stage you feel that you aren’t getting your money’s worth you always have the option to cancel.
No, there are a few reasons why not. Primarily it is because we believe in establishing long term relationships with our partners and clients and affiliate relationships tend to be more short term.
Some customers like to manage their own WordPress websites and feel they do not need a continuous support service. If ever you need help with your website such as configuring plugins, changing webhost or even cleaning up your website after being hacked you can contact us and we will be happy to help you out.
There is no limit as long as your request is within the parameters of your site management plan. We welcome any support questions you may have and we will direct you towards an article that may help or we will answer the question ourselves. If you make a request that is not covered by your support management plan we can give an estimate for the work that is involved, or you can choose to upgrade to a plan that covers the request. Basically if you think we can be of some help you can contact us and we will guide you through the process.
We only use the most reputable WordPress plugins & services within our WP Carers Plans to best serve our customers. For example for website malware and virus detection with use Securi & for daily secure backups we use Dropbox. If you have any further queries please send us an email and we can answer any questions you may have. From years of experience from working with WordPress we have also developed a range of plugins in-house that we feel help enhance the usability of our customers websites.