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We Exceed Expectations

One of our biggest advantages is our WordPress Support services.

WP Carers offer very quick support that will surpass your expectations. More often than not we will be aware of any problems your wordpress website has before you do and will have already began resolving it before you had even made contact with us.

We do surpass our customers expectations but it is important to highlight that additional required Development and Support that WP Carers deem to be outside the limitations of your selected plan will be highlighted for your approval and billed separately. Required additional Development and Support typically occurs when a Premium Theme needs to be upgraded, Old Engines need to be updated & when redundant plugins that offer certain functionalities need to be removed and replaced.

Faster Resolutions

Any problems that occur can be resolved more quickly because we are better able to explain exactly what is wrong.

The quicker that the problems are identified sooner the problem can be resolved which makes us all happy.

We’re ready to work for you

We take time to sit down and get to know our new clients goals and what they want to achieve.

This helps us remove the obstacle of technology and turn it into an asset. Becoming familiar with the people behind the wordpress website gives us more of a motive to fix any problems that may arise as quickly as possible because we want everything to be working right for them.

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View Our Plans